ing that squatted across the mid-room dune was twelve feet long from the tip of the arched scorpion-tels

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on to the twin pincers that formed a chitinous mustache beneath its mouth. It stared at her with a pair

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of compound eyes the size of hub-caps. "I'll not weary you further with squeezing words into your minds,

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" the interior voice said. "Bring me the writing-boards, Son and Cousin." "Cornet!" Dink snapped. "Brin

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g scratchboards." "Sire!" A young officer ran back to the anteroom and came back with a stack of blacke

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ned boards, one of which he set up in the sand before the monster, glancing nervously over his shoulder

om beyond
  • 菠菜av

    was brilliant beyond belief, a Sahara summer-solstice noon in brightness. The floor was covered by tons of sand, duned up against the windows in waves that would have disheartened a camel. T
  • 菠菜av

    he music now was almost as oppressive as the heat and the light. Great booming gouts of sound came from every direction. Suddenly, as though responding to Orison's mental protest, the music
  • 菠菜av

    stopped. The lights dimmed somewhat. "We have come, Elder Cousin," Dink announced to the sand. "I speak to the lovely woman," an interior voice said to all of them. "Do not fear me, Orison
  • 菠菜av

    , though I will seem to you a most hideous worm. My world nestles next its sun. I, made to fit a homeworld that would seem a Hell to you, could hardly be expected to conform to green Earth's
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